Our Sleep Apnea Treatment Model

What makes our delivery model different?

Founded on the well-documented success of bimaxillary advancement surgery for sleep apnea (also known as maxillomandibular advancement), we have developed a unique sleep apnea treatment model for delivery that eliminates the majority of negatives commonly associated with this procedure. Our model, which has a success rate of 95 to 99 percent, has not been duplicated.

With treatment centers located in Missoula, Montana and Palm Springs, California, you can receive our specialized care and recover with a number of available amenities and with your loved ones at your side. Our surgeons are credentialed at St. Patrick Hospital and Community Medical Center in Missoula, Montana.

Here are eight aspects of our approach that are central to our treatment model:


Clark Owen Taylor, B.A., D.D.S., M.D. has thirty years of experience performing bimaxillary advancement and over three decades of related training and education. He has trained other doctors and lectured on the topic. His success rate for bimaxillary advancement in the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea is over 90 percent.


Patients are required to provide sleep studies. We can help to set these up via a home sleep study when indicated, or find a center near you that can perform the required testing. It is recommended that prior to consideration for Bimaxillary Advancement each patient undergo a trial of CPAP for a minimum of three months. If there are not compliance or tolerance issues, this may be all that is required for the successful treatment of your obstructive sleep disorder.


All patients are evaluated with 3D cone beam CT scans. We also utilize airway software to accurately assess the overall airway anatomy of each patient and precisely define the levels of obstruction. In addition, skeletal software gives us the tools to perform the surgery virtually and subsequently create virtual intraoperative surgical guides. These guides allow for precise duplication in the operating room of the results indicated with the simulated virtual surgery.


Our hand-picked anesthesia providers have special experience and expertise with sleep apnea patients, jaw surgeries, and related specialized anesthesia techniques. We work with our anesthesiologists regularly and consider them a vital part of our team.


Patients recover in their own homes after one night of observation and are ready to return to light normal functioning in 7-10 days. Patients are also able to advance to a soft chewing diet within this same time frame. Other bimaxillary advancement surgical delivery models result in 4-6 weeks of recovery, including an extended time spent in the hospital.


Although we also offer our procedure in a hospital setting, Surgical Sleep Solution procedures most often take place in private, fully accredited surgical centers because of the controlled and efficient approach of the treatment. Patients will recover overnight in the facility, with one-on-one care from experienced nurses and staff.


Over the past 11 years we have modified and perfected our outpatient delivery model resulting in the much shorter recovery times, and a more rapid return to normal activities. This approach utilizes much shorter operating and anesthesia times, and one on one perioperative care, which together result in the low morbidity and rapid return to normal function.

  • COST

The utilization of an outpatient delivery model while allowing for much quicker recovery, also results in tremendous cost savings over the traditional delivery in an inpatient facility.

In our initial eleven years of offering this treatment model, patient response and testimonials have been universally positive. The ability to eliminate the need for CPAP with a low morbidity surgical procedure has had a tremendous, life-changing impact on our patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.


Learn More About our Sleep Apnea Treatment Model

If you are non-compliant with your CPAP and would like a different solution or if you have recently been diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea, you may be a good candidate for bimaxillary advancement surgery. To learn more about our treatment model, to speak with a doctor, or to ask a question, please call us at 855-560-7378.

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