Surgical Sleep Solutions FAQs

Our procedure is designed to offer a potential cure for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (“OSA”) for the right candidate. It is our strong preference and recommendation that patients have a diagnosis of OSA, a prior sleep study, and are non-compliant or non-satisfied with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (“CPAP”) devices. Should you just be starting your journey toward more restful sleep, we are happy to recommend local options for sleep study and diagnosis, or to be a resource to you for questions and concerns about sleep apnea.

We tailor treatment very closely to the individual in order to minimize morbidity and enhance clinical outcomes. We will attempt to obtain as much information up front as possible, so as to continuously work with you to make sure our solution is the correct one for you. You will be asked to complete an initial questionnaire on our website; if it indicates you are at risk for OSA, we will ask for private, confidential information via online medical form to further investigate and qualify your unique situation. After obtaining this information, Surgical Sleep Solutions staff will contact you to schedule a consultation.

The initial consultation will include a review of the patient’s sleep study and medical history. If possible, a physical examination will be conducted. Options and similar case history will be offered at the conclusion of the visit.

We endeavor to offer our surgery to all patients. We can provide an initial consultation over the phone, and can discuss convenient travel options and locations for the surgery itself. We routinely treat international or out of state patients at all of our current locations.

We are also continuously working with the leading hospitals and clinics in geographic areas with the most qualified surgeons to implement our delivery method in order to expand our offering. You will see us add surgery locations often.

Typically, patients are discharged from the surgery center or hospital on the day following our procedure. It is possible to drive home the next day, or fly home a few days later. The total time away from home is less than 1 week. Follow-up appointments can be coordinated with local caregivers, or arranged in a Surgical Sleep Solutions location.

For patients with OSA, most major medical (Preferred Provider Organization, or “PPO”) plans will cover our procedure with an approved diagnosis and appropriate authorization. We will submit your procedure to your insurance company for approval prior to the surgery on your behalf.

We encourage current CPAP users to consider the value and long-term health benefits to never using CPAP again, and offer a simple cash price option to those patients without or wishing not to file.