Red Sox Player Mike Napoli Speaks After Bimaxillary Advancement Surgery

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In November 2014, Major League Baseball player Mike Napoli underwent bimaxillary advancement surgery in order to treat his debilitating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Now, with spring training with the Red Sox underway, the first baseman says that the surgery was life-changing and career-saving.

The MLB veteran of nine years sat down with Bleacher Report’s Scott Miller to discuss his struggle with sleep apnea as well as his life after sleep apnea surgery.

Napoli explained that he had struggled with OSA for years – fighting daytime fatigue even as he navigated professional baseball’s long and rigorous schedule, struggled every night to breathe, and left hotel room doors unlocked so that the EMS could get in. He never felt rested and didn’t dream at night for almost a decade. A sleep study found that he woke between 40 and 100 times each hour, struggling to breathe.

Napoli Tried Many Failed Sleep Apnea Treatments Before Surgery

Napoli explored a number of different treatments for his sleep disorder before deciding upon surgery. The baseball player tried using a CPAP device, but found he couldn’t sleep with the mask on his face or with air being forced down his throat. He then tried two different oral devices and a medication before considering surgery. At that point, he knew that he couldn’t continue playing baseball with untreated sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Surgery & A New Season of Baseball

The 2013 World Series Champion finally chose bimaxillary advancement surgery after all non-surgical options failed him. The surgery, which advances both the upper and lower jaw in order to increase the size of the airway, involved a significant recovery time. Napoli spent his off-season undergoing the operation, spending several days in the hospital, and eating a limited diet. However, the athlete is now back on the field and feels better than ever.

“It’s crazy how I feel,” Napoli told Bleacher Report. “When I wake up now, it’s like, ‘Man, I was in a deep sleep.’ I can tell. Just being motivated and wanting to do stuff.”

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Bimaxillary Advancement Surgery At Surgical Sleep Solutions

While Mike Napoli’s bimaxillary advancement surgery required a stay in the intensive care unit (ICU), an extended liquid diet, and months of recovery, Surgical Sleep Solutions offers the same surgery with an abbreviated recovery time. Our experienced surgeons and our approach to the surgery often allows our patients to spend one night under supervised medical care (no ICU required) and only a few weeks away from work during recovery. Between 95 and 99 percent of our patients have a successful outcome that allows them to stop CPAP treatments and finally get a good night’s rest.

To learn more about our innovative treatment model, please contact us today by calling (855) 560-7378.

*Please note Surgical Sleep Solutions treatment for sleep apnea is for those suffering from sever obstructive sleep apnea. We recommend patients try CPAP for a minimum of 3 months when possible.

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